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Abercrombie & King

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Abercrombie & King is a commercial law firm in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with core expertise in cyber security investigation and commercial claims. Commercial claims include any financial commercial dispute in payables in the United Arab Emirates.

We value business success which is derived by ease of support of knowledgeable professionals that will take forward your business rights, practice the proper way of business and always claim what's yours with our specialized team.

First law firm that introduced cyber security crimes in partnership with UnityBees, technology firm specialized in cyber investigations. Business is always online whether thru emails, websites via a mode of communication or order placements. We protect and investigate cyber security commercial crimes to ensure justice is served for business corporations that face cyber abuse by their employees, clients or any parties thereof

Commitment lies in serving you at most convenient way of doing business we deliver you results and updates using advanced technologies in reporting methods confidently tracking status of your lawsuit.


Precise and progressive services for corporations to claim their financial rights.


Leading Law Firm in Trade & Cyber business to Lead you forward.